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If you have a title you wish to submit for consideration, please fill out the form below and click the "submit" button. 

Please do not submit works in progress or manuscripts which have not been edited for typographical errors.  While we understand that most manuscripts will contain some errors, and most will not have been professionally edited before submission, egregious errors are difficult to overlook when considering a book for publication. 

We recommend running your manuscript through spell check and having someone you trust read through your book to look for errors you may have missed yourself.  Read, re-read and then read your book again.  You'd be surprised how many details may have been overlooked the first, second and even third time you run through your manuscript.  - One of the most common reasons for rejection is the copious errors often found in manuscript submissions.  - No matter how good your book may be, if it is riddled with errors, we may not get far before we dismiss your book and move on to another title. 

Also, if your title fails to hold our interest, or has an under-developed plot, your book will not get far.  If your best friends and grandparents are telling you how much they love your book, but you're unsure of how well your book will be received by experts in the industry, you may wish to request a critique of your work.  To learn more about a critique, please click here to learn more.

No two publishers are alike.  You'll notice that different publishing houses tend to focus on particular styles, themes and genres.  Here at Wildflower Press, we are a traditional publisher.  Please do not submit work containing obscene  content, excessive profanity or vulgarity. 

You may send hard-copy of your work, or you may submit your files electronically.  Please note that we will not return any submissions.  Therefore, never send your only original for consideration.  Please make a copy of your manuscript before sending your book for our consideration and review.

We will consider work submitted by young authors.  However, please note: anyone under the age of 18 must have parental approval to submit your work. 

Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts for our consideration.  If you wish to have your book considered for publishing, please complete the form below first.  We will contact you to let you know if we are interested in having a look at your work (depending on current volume, this could take weeks, or months).  If you do not hear from us right away, please do not be discouraged.  We receive countless submissions and we will consider submissions in the order they are received. 
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Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.  Once we receive your inquiry, we will determine if your book/subject matter is a good fit for our publishing house.  Willingness on our part to review your manuscript, is not a guarantee that we will publish your work.  If we reject your manuscript, we will not typically provide you with feedback concerning your work.  Please do not expect us to give you a detailed explanation as to why your work has been rejected.  Please bear in mind, a rejection may not be a reflection upon your work.  There are a number of reasons a manuscript may not be accepted.  Although we may not currently be interested in publishing your work, another publishing house may feel your work is a perfect fit for them.  Should you wish to receive an objective critique of your manuscript, please feel free to submit your work to our critique department.
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