Who Says You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover?

- Like it or not, we have all been guilty of choosing a book based upon its cover design.  And why not?  The cover can, and should, say a lot about the book.  The cover can set the tone for the book; is it serious, or sentimental, is it a thriller, or a light-hearted comedic read?  All these things should be conveyed in the design of your cover.  

In social settings,  it takes mere seconds to make a first impression.  The same is true with a book.  In those valuable first few seconds, don't you want to wow your potential readers?  Better that, than watching your book be passed over for another book with better cover-appeal.

Regardless of whether your book is self-published, or not, it is always a good idea to explore your options in cover design.  Many small publishers will charge authors for the service of designing a cover; and unfortunately, the designs they provide are sometimes frightfully inferior in the areas of balance, spatial design, marketability, appeal and more.  

Our design team has been creating exceptional and award winning covers for decades.  Let our helpful and creative team build you a book cover you can be proud of.  - You invested the time to write a book you can be proud of . . . why would you settle for less than the best for your cover? 

Our fees are considerably less than you might expect.  Cover designs start at $225 for paperback covers, $325 for hard-cover jacket, or $410 for a combination of both when ordered together. (Minimum charge for changes after first proof $35/hr.)

Our design team will take the time to gather as much information from you as possible in an effort to learn what you have in mind for your book.  It is our goal to ensure you are satisfied with your final product.  

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